Entertainment BLiNG has been formed to produce and sponsor seasonal social events for teens ONLY. Our mission is to extend the learning and social development of teens beyond the classroom and the limited opportunities available in the community.

There is a distinct lack of things to do or places to go for teens.  Other than the mall and the movie theater there are few alternatives.  Teenagers can benefit from community programming dedicated specifically for them where they can talk, listen to music, dance, meet up with friends and meet their peers from other schools in a safe and supervised “night club” like setting.  

Of paramount importance and significance to us is our commitment to safety.  The hallmark of Entertainment BLiNG is that while we strive to present exciting programming with all the “bling” that teens like, the events are supervised and secured by a team of school district staff, off-duty police officers and EMS professionals.  No alcohol is served.  No drugs or weapons are allowed.  And no one over 19 is admitted.  

The social development of teenagers is just as critical as their academic development.  Entertainment BLiNG is committed to expanding opportunities for teens to grow and mature into socially responsible young adults. 

As we grow, your support and feedback are both welcomed and warranted. Please don't hesitate to
contact us with any questions or suggestions you have to offer!

Tickets are available now!